I am recent graduate pursuing career in science communication and owner of the blog Zooplank.com. Over the past several years I’ve work as a biology/ecology researcher and pursued. both volunteer and career opportunities in SciComm.

My personal interests center around animal behavior (including humans) and my recent work investigated how the presence and/or absence of cocoons in ant metamorphosis may influence colony behavior; most notably the behavior of attendant ant nurses. Could the presence of cocoons (a silken coat that separates an ant from the elements) lead nurses to tend less? Are “naked” ants more prone to fungal/bacterial infection? And how have these traits evolved over ant history?

My personal goal is to improve how we as scientists communicate science to the public. It is not enough just to tell them what is happening in our world, but to inspire them to engage with it. To that end, I am working towards science writing and communication as a future career and have created my website, Zooplank.com, to bolster my communication skills while hopefully inspiring an interest in ecology. Through the use of this platform, I hope to share exciting science information to a wider audience. You can access the site by clicking on Zooplank in the banner.

“take chances, make mistakes, get messy” – Frizzy-haired hero